Securing Solutions

Large selection of electro-collectors, electromagnetic locks, electric locks and a whole range of accessories for access control and fire protection from the renowned Spanish manufacturer OPENERS & CLOSERS.

Electric Strikes

This 100% reversible electric strike -- only 16 mm wide -- is one of the smallest on the market...

Electric Strikes Faceplates

art.005.20 DIN right art.005.20 DIN left 25 x 250 mm thickness 2 mm

Art.005.63 25 X 250 mm, thickness 3 mm

Art.005.64 25 X 250 mm, thickness 3 mm

Art.005.48 DIN right Art.005.48 DIN left 25/32 x 250 mm, thickness 2 mm

Electromagnetic Locks

Basic electromagnetic locks are the perfect locking solution for emergency doors and access control...

Electric Locks

art.OC870 12 V dc ( 120 mA ) timer 0-9 sec. h192 x w24 x d34 mm. fail safe This compact...

This small fail-secure lock has been especially designed for applications such as lockers, closets,...


High-quality contacts are designed to provide a hidden electrical connection between the...

Art.CME045 Thickness 5 mm Art.CMI130 Diameter 20 mm