Solutions for Emergency Exits

The mechanism for safe and efficient evacuation!

Anti-panic systems are adapted to the degree of security that the client requires, the aesthetics which he likes and the technique of work. Basic differences are in:

- 1, 2 or 3 lock points

- Built-in, with no visible fittings - PHA 2500
- Surface, external anti-panic mechanisms with visible fittings - PHA 2000, PHB 3000
- No visible hinges - Exit Pad

- Automatic, doors are closed after each opening
- Automatic motorized, doors are automatically closed after each passage and open to remote control
- Manual opening
- Automatic and auto-motorized anti-panic systems can be equipped with micro switches

- Height and width of the door
- Single or double-wing
All mechanisms are compliant with EN 1125
The complete program of the appropriate electrical system for anti-panic systems
Accessories for glass door installation
A large selection of modules fits for each type of standard door