DORMA Sound-insulating Operable Walls

Dorma Hüppe′s Moveo® is the new generation of moveable walls which incorporates ComforTronic® automatic seals as standard.
These operable walls allow quicker operation ensuring the acoustic integrity every time.

The lightweight design makes even large moving wall panels effortless to manoeuvre and reduces structural support requirements.
As well as offering very effective smoke control, the latest European standards are met with up to Rw55dB sound reduction.

A Moveo® panel weighs up to 50% less than a conventional acoustic moveable wall and is available with single point suspension
up to 3 metres high and up to 9 metres with double point suspension.

Almost any finish is possible including laminate and polished wood veneers. Additional features include acoustic sound absorption
boards, magnetic display boards, dry wipe marker, and projection surfaces.

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