Sliding & Folding Movable Glass Partitions

Countless possibilities for a stoppage and interior or exterior adaptation.
Innovative systems of German fittings for the stoppage and partitioning of terraces, showcases, cafes, restaurants, winter gardens and office space.
HSW - sliding folding systems or the MSTS VARIO 5000 - sliding barrier system make the space dynamic and always suitable for different needs.
The uniqueness of both systems is reflected in efficient space management.
Harmonic sliding walls offer a choice between two systems - DORMA FSW and OZONE SL444.

HSW or Panoramic glass sliding system without vertical profiles and fittings in the floor provides a beautiful view even when closed.
MSTS VARIO 5000 or glass slide closet system meets all aesthetic and functional requirements.
Harmonic sliding walls are efficient for rearranging the interior and exterior.
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