Glass Splashbacks

The ever growing trend of using kitchen and bathroom splashbacks is ever evolving, and
during that evolution the idea of using pictures behind glass become a home decor favourite,
especially when it comes to adding that bit of decoration that is unique behind a cooker hob.

Splashbacks themselves are not used just because they can look good and really give a kitchen
that contemporary look. They are also hygienic, easy to clean and stop splashes of cooking oil and
grease marking walling or tiles behind your stove.

The use of glass means that you have a fresh, clean environment that is very easy to clean, one simple wipe and you have a crystal clear surface.

Glass is perfectly flat, so there are no dents, bumps or holes where bacteria can cling and hide.
A simple wipe and you can guarantee the perfect clean.

We provide splashbacks for a whole range of customers from domestic, to corporate, to retail.

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